Earthquake in Visayas Region

  • Sumo

It was almost 12 noon yesterday when I felt the earthquake. I immediately informed my husband who was outside the house with my daughter. The earthquake lasted for quite long because I when I went out the earth was still trembling.

I was with my husband and daughter when we felt an aftershock around 6 pm last night. We were in the pantalan (mini port) when we felt that the bridge was shaking. It was my husband who felt the movement.

It was around 8 pm last night when I felt another trembling. Hubby and daughter were already upstairs while I was still working. It didn’t last long but it was quite strong. I could see the monitor shaking.

It was our first time to experience an earthquake here in Panglao Bohol since we came here last year. And I thank God for the keeping us safe. Truly, safety belongs to the Lord.

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4 thoughts on “Earthquake in Visayas Region

        1. Nasa Panglao kami Mommy, ang alam ko ang Bohol Tropics nasa Tagbilaran sya – 18 kms from Panglao 🙂

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