Alcoholic In The Family

Growing up in a home with a parent who is a drunkard is unhealthy and risky for a child. There are several alcohol-related crimes and exploitation which are being broadcasted over the news everyday, yet there are still many parents who couldn’t give up their vices for the welfare of their kids. Simply because even if they wanted to, it…

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Anything Under The Sun


I often hear the word creatine from a fellow church member in Project 8. She always shares with me that her husband’s creatine level is already in borderline due to his diabetes. She often requests me to include in my prayer that her husband’s creatine level would improve so his kidney will not fail. When my father was diagnosed with…

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Follow-up Checkup

Yesterday, I met my father’s doctor minus my father. He was also experiencing LBM and was afraid to travel from Bulacan to Quezon City. Since the doctor needs to change his medicine, I need to see her for the new prescriptions. After getting the prescriptions, I bought the medicines from a nearby drugstore.  The total amount of the medicines were…

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