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My second daughter had a diarrhea two weeks ago. The loose bowel movement started on a Sunday.  I brought her to the doctor the next day, Monday. Daughter had no signs of dehydration yet but her tummy was hyper-active, the doctor told me. The doctor prescribed Erceflora, Zinc Sulfate supplement and anti-dehydration solution. The same recommendation I got from my…

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Back To My Feet

I was not in good shape since Thursday. I was having stomach upset last Thursday then my diarrhea  started on Friday until Monday. I even thought I was pregnant because of these irregular feelings and I was delayed for two months. But no,  I am not pregnant.  My monthly period arrived this morning, whew! I am glad and thankful that…

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Bad Tummy Day

I‘ve been feeling a little off since yesterday. Yesterday, I felt nauseated and felt I would throw up anytime. While this morning, I started experiencing diarrhea or loose bowel movement (LBM). I’ve been in and out of that solitary place for around five times this morning and three more this afternoon (I hope the counting stops there). Still, my tummy…

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