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My second daughter had a diarrhea two weeks ago. The loose bowel movement started on a Sunday.  I brought her to the doctor the next day, Monday. Daughter had no signs of dehydration yet but her tummy was hyper-active, the doctor told me. The doctor prescribed Erceflora, Zinc Sulfate supplement and anti-dehydration solution. The same recommendation I got from my officemate when I asked her what was the best remedy for kid’s diarrhea. I asked her because I remembered that her twins had diarrhea when they were still months old. Daughter started taking Erceflora as soon as we got home. Wednesday that week, I observed an improvement on her stools. I continued giving my daughter the remaining vials until she consumed all the ten vials.

Last Friday, just a week after my daughter’s first diarrhea, she had another round. I administered the same prescription which the doctor gave us during the first diarrhea and that included the Erceflora. But this time, the improvement on her stools was not immediate. The improvement took place after three days. But thank God, my daughter’s stool is now back to normal.

I believe the healing is from the Lord. I cease not to pray for my daughter’s healing during the time she’s having diarrhea. I was afraid that she’ll get dehydrated. Though we were giving her the oral anti-dehydration, she didn’t like the taste so she only took only few drops. I am so thankful that she’s now back to normal. I hope and pray that diarrhea will not return so soon.


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21 thoughts on “Diarrhea

  1. Glad to hear she’s okay now! She probably ate or drank something dirty. 🙁 Ako naman, if I have LBM, I resort to apples, bananas, and Gatorade. Hehe

  2. i could only think of contaminated food or water especially during the rainy season. i hope she doesn’t get another bout of diarrhea.

  3. Good to hear she’s okay now. Just like mommy said, we never fail to have erceflora in the fridge for emergency cases. I even used it once I get first signs of diarrhea.

  4. Good to hear you daughter is fin now. God is good. It’s really difficult when the children are sick.. recheck your water and water filters.

  5. If I may advice, monitor her intakes, like was she eating halo-halo lately, the ice used in such food may not be purified and may upset her tummy. I glad she’s okay now.

    1. No she isn’t. I think it was the macaroni soup from a fast food chain I gave her that caused her diarrhea. It was too oily.

  6. What was the cause of her LBM? Perhaps you can ask her to avoid those food so that the bout of diarrhea will not occur? God bless!

    1. I think it was the macaroni soup from a fast food chain I gave her that caused her diarrhea. It was too oily.

  7. I hope she is okay now! I had a week or two weeks worth of health probs too. My dad has been in the ICU since june 12 and last Monday, my two kids have tested positive for dengue fever. ..

  8. Thank God she is already healed. It is really hard when kids get sick. But good thing she has mommy to be always there taking good care of her little girl. 🙂

  9. it always breaks my heart to see a child suffering. good thing your daughter is okay now. the diarrhea must’ve been from the water or her most recent food intake. monitor nalang talaga because some kids have really sensitive stomachs

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