The One-Time Password Of BDO Online Banking

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Recently, Banco De Oro (BDO) has recently implemented another security level for its online banking system, the One-Time Password (OTP). I believe BDO team has been promoting and disseminating information about it for a while as I have received emails regarding this manner. As a matter of fact, I received a notification to make necessary updates on the registered mobile number months ago which I did but unfortunately it was not a success because I never received the code to authorize the update. I was also asked to create challenge question and answers which I also did but didn’t remember the exact answers to the questions. So when I tried to log on this morning, my account got locked! The registered mobile number where the One Time Password was sent no longer exists so I didn’t get the password. I tried the challenge question, but my answers could not get through until I consumed the allowable attempt. I should have written the exact answers when I created them, grrhh!!!

Honestly,  I panicked! Because I pay all bills online. I also transfer my parent’s (and sometimes my PIL’s) support online. Needless to say, online banking is maleextra very important for me. It saves me from long lines and time-consuming over-the-counter payments and deposits. It also allows me to settle my monthly obligations in the convenience of my home. I could not just let it go so easily.

I immediately called up the TOLL-FREE Number for Globelines displayed on the page. It was my first time to  call up a hotline which didn’t make me wait for so long before a real person pick up my call. I was relieved when the agent told me that my account could be reset. So she reset the account and sent the new password on my registered email. She also posted the changes on my mobile number to reflect my current number. But the requested changes on the mobile number will not reflect immediately. It will take two days, the most.

I tried to log on again after I received the new password. I faced the same problem 😀 The OTP was sent to the old mobile number and I could not remember the answer. Good thing, the challenge question changed. I was able to supply the correct answer to the new challenge question. I felt relieved!




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