Scarcity Of Job

Landing a decent and rewarding job here in the Philippines is getting more and more challenging. Most newly graduates settle for the first job available instead of being idle for long in waiting for a job related to their degree. So those who graduated from a management course may not get management jobs while some who are graduates of different…

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Prospective School For Sciezka

I’m happy to know that there is a Christian school here where I can enroll my daughter this coming school year. It is an additional blessing that the school uses the School of Tomorrow system of education. School of Tomorrow system of education incorporates the Bible in their curriculum and this is the kind of education I want for my…

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Child Rearing

When Is The Best Time To Send Our Kids To School?

This topics has been lying on my head for quite sometime. I am waiting for the perfect time to write a post about it. And Mommy Bambi’s post with title Too Soon triggers my interest. I had started writing my one-cent comment on her post when I noticed that my comment is almost an article already. So, I left her…

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