Prospective School For Sciezka

  • Sumo

I’m happy to know that there is a Christian school here where I can enroll my daughter this coming school year. It is an additional blessing that the school uses the School of Tomorrow system of education. School of Tomorrow system of education incorporates the Bible in their curriculum and this is the kind of education I want for my daughter. Another blessing is we can avail the discount given to the pastors’ kids since hubby is in the ministry.

I learned about the school during the Revival Meeting. The school is a ministry of a Baptist church. The school is more than 5kms away from our place but it is still considered near here in Panglao. The school just got the accreditation from DECS Region 7.

When we came here, daughter had to stop from her schooling. I was thinking then that we have to wait for the church’s school to materialize before she can continue her formal education or she can go to a public school.

Like any other parent, I want my daughter to get the best possible education that she can have. I also know that it is not in my control to give her that. So I brought my desire to my God and started praying for it even when my daughter was still a baby. Now, I have started receiving the answer for my prayer. Thanks be unto God, who knows my every desire and is not slack in answering my prayers.

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