Daughter Is Yearning To Visit Manila

  • Sumo

I don’t know if my husband shares the same feeling of going back to Manila or only me shares that desire with my daughter. I don’t see any hint that he misses something or someone from Manila. Well, I frequently heard him having a conference call with his colleagues in Manila. That is probably his way of overcoming his longingness for his friends. He is also out most of the time so he probably has no time to think of the people we left in Manila.

My daughter never stops asking me to go back to Project 8. She always enumerates the names of the people she wants to see in our church. It never entered into my mind that at my daughter’s age, she will miss those people she used to see on a weekly if not on a daily basis.

She also remembers the places we frequently visit especially the playground at QC Memorial Circle. There is no playground near our place. There is a plaza but the only thing she can do is run. And she can only go there once in a blue moon because it is always raining here. The weather is also the culprit why we can’t even give her a walk every night.

I missed Manila but not as much as my daughter misses it. I assure her that as soon as we get some extra money for the fare, we will visit Manila. I always tell her to pray so we can get a cheap airfare. For now, I can’t do much to ease her longingness for the places she used to go to and for people she used to mingle with. But I am hoping that when the school year starts, she will be occupied with her schooling.

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