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For the last two nights, hubby and I were fascinated with my daughter’s new habit before we sleep – the never ending combing of hair with matching putting of baby powder on her face and spraying of cologne on her body!!! My husband is teasing her if she’s already in love. Good thing she does not know yet the term which implies that she’s not.

When hubby and I look at our daughter, we realize that time flies so fast and she’s growing so fast too. Gone is the girl who doesn’t argue with me on whatever clothes and shoes I put on her and does not complain about her hair style. What we have now in the house is a vain girl who insists on what she wants to wear and what she wants her hair to be styled. Yes, at the age of four, I consider her vain. She’s even conscious about her complexion and she loves accessories. She always wants to look pretty.  And I will not be surprised if few years from now she will asks me to buy her eyelash growth products and other beauty products.

When my daughter do her girl thing, my husband just shake his head, probably thinking that girls will always be girls.

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