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Progress In School

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Hubby and I attended the 3rd Parent-Teacher-Fellowship at my daughter’s school this afternoon. I always see to it that I attend this meeting because this is my chance to know my daughter’s behavior and performance in school. This is the time I could talk to her supervisor (this is how they call their teachers in school) about her attitude in school and if there are problems which need to be addressed. I am less concern of the grades since I get the updates every week through their Congratulations slip.

According to her supervisor, Sciezka can read well and has a good comprehension. She could finish her readings fast. She particularly fast with Science. Her problem is writing the d and b for the English subject. She sometimes interchanged these two letters. Aside from this, she’s doing well. Her supervisor is confident that she can finish the remaining PACES for the Learn To Read curriculum. So by next year, at the age of 5, she can be enrolled to Level 1 (Grade 1).

My daughter’s performance is not really exemplary. But I am happy that she’s coping up with the Learn To Read level {she’s supposed to be in Reading Readiness level only for her age}. For me that is enough for now. I don’t want to put so much pressure on her for now {maybe in the future, LOL}. I want her to enjoy learning without snatching her childhood days from her.

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