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Contemplating On Buying Our Own Motorbike

  • Sumo

Hubby and I {I finally agreed to him that a motorbike is a necessity} are thinking of buying our own motorbike because as I said in my other blog, motorbike is the cheapest means of transportation here in Bohol. My husband’s dream bike is a Raider of Suzuki. I am already thankful that he is not dreaming of a Polaris Sportsman because even just the polaris sportsman parts are already expensive.

Although my husband’s desired bike is way cheaper than an ATV or a big bike, it will still take us so long to earn and save for its price. We also don’t want to get one through financing because as we computed, the cost will be doubled. So we are now settled to save for a cheaper motorbike, but good-enough to serve its purpose.

We are still saving for it. But Lord willing, we can have it soon so we don’t need to always borrow the one that we are using now.

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