Friday – My Daughter’s Day

  • Sumo

Oh how days are passing by so fast! Tomorrow is Friday again, my daughter’s day! Thank God she is now a bit well. She’s been sick since last Friday and been absent from school from Monday until Wednesday. It was only today she was able to report to school.

If there is one person in our home who is happy during Fridays, it is my daughter. This is her most awaited day of the week. Daughter will be happy again for her free-time. She can skip her homework tomorrow if it not too many. She can supposedly watch videos but since we don’t have yet a replacement for our TV, that privilege is currently on hold.  She could not also use the DVD player of our computer because it is defective. But she can use it to  play online games from her favorite sites. She can extend her hair-brushing session till she gets sleepy. She can use some of her afternoon time biking or simply playing outside.  Friday is really her day!

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