First Ever Payment From Adgitize

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When I saw the notification in my inbox regarding the payment of Adgitize for the month of November, I thought it was just a spam. But lo and behold, when I opened it, it was for real! Who wouldn’t be happy for that? A blessing in an unexpected time? Well not me? I am always thankful and delighted when blessings come.

The amount I received is not big but enough to cover the payment for their 14-day Ad. Yes, I also used the payment I received to place my Ad on their system. I added $4 to extend the 14 days to 31 days.

I became a member of Adgitize because of Kaye, the woman behind many mommy bloggers sites’ chic templates. I won in one of her several giveaways and the prize was an Adgitize Gift Certificate. Thanks to Ms. Kaye for introducing me to Adgitize.

I noticed a tremendous improvement in my Alexa rank while my Ad was being published in their system. Since then, I always hope that I reached the minimum payout so I can renew my Ad with them. But I am not an active member. I have no time to roam around to complete the number of clicks per day and there were many days that I have no posts. This prolongs the completion of the minimum payout. But nonetheless, after being a passive Adgitize member for several months, I still got a payment from them. Not bad, right? Now, I am expecting another great improvement in my Alexa rank 🙂 Thanks to Adgitize.

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4 thoughts on “First Ever Payment From Adgitize

  1. ayt!! ako din Sis ganyan ang tuwa ko nong una kung makuha ang payment ng adgitize saken.
    at indeed, sobrang nakaktulong talaga ng adgitize…

    >> gaya ngaun, naka visit ako sayo using adgitize..

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