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Just today, I resumed blog hopping  to different blog sites. This is to increase my chance to earn more from Adgitize. For today, I only made 50 clicks, better than 0. I am hope to get payments from Adgitize more frequently so I could also advertise my other two blogs.

While blogging, I noticed that some blogs are not link friendly especially those blogs which are in Blogger platform. They don’t have options for Name/URL only Google login which does not give any link juice :(. These kinds of blogs are the blogs that as much as possible I don’t want to visit 😀 and I find it unfair that some of the owners of these blogs leave so much links with other blogs they visit. I hope they also realize that it is not really fair. If they don’t want to accept links from other bloggers, they should not also leave so much links on other blogs.

Well, I am not ranting. I’m just thinking out loud.


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