I’m Not Alone

  • Sumo

I was doing my Entrecard drops religiously since last week until today. Since I created my own scripts to make my drops faster, I drop on the same sites everyday. I noticed that many blogs/sites were not updated on daily basis. Some still have no updates since last week. Then, I realized that I’m not alone.

I seldom have the time to update my sites regularly nowadays. I can’t focus much on writing because my mind is set to finish my other project. When I’m not in front of my computer, ideas are coming in. But when I log on to my dashboard, all the ideas fly. I end up doing other tasks like dropping and reading other blogs, worst playing Burger Shop 2.

Well, now I’m doing my drops while thinking of romeo y julieta cigars and its difference from other cigars if there is any. I’m only sure of one thing, all cigars are not good for our health.


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