High Time For Diet Supplements?

  • Sumo

I mentioned here that my husband and I tumbled while riding on a motorcycle. My husband complained that I’m heavy and this was partly the reason why he was not able to balance the motorbike well. Did I get mad to him for telling the truth? I didn’t. I just laughed at him.

Whenever we a guest visit our house and notice my graduation picture hanging on the wall, I only heard one comment. “You are slim before.” It is like saying you are now fat. Should I get disappointed on their comments? No. I agree with them.

Whenever I dress up in front of the mirror and see my bulging love handle, I can’t help myself but to utter “yuck”.

I wonder myself why these things are not enough motivation to suppress my appetite. I also wonder why other women can maintain their figures. Can I just put all the blame to my genes? Am I really that undisciplined to expose myself to health problems by not managing my weight properly? Most probably. Is it high time to tart considering diet supplements? Perhaps.


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