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Sty On Daughter E’s Left Upper Eyelid

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Yesterday afternoon, we had an unplanned visit to the doctor due to Daughter E’s left eye. While breastfeeding her, I noticed that there was a short thin blood line on her upper eyelid. As a mother, I got worried and prayed that it was not serious. I told my husband that we needed to bring Daughter E to the doctor so we would know what was it.

Daughter E has colds since last Friday. She started to have a teary eyes and increase in eye mucus since then. So I thought that the mucus was just the effect of her colds which was the usual case whenever she has a runny noise. I didn’t mind it since based on my experience, her eyes would return to normal once the cold is gone.

As the days progress, I noticed that there was something unusual on her upper eyelid. I started consulting the net what it might be. My suspect was pinky eye minus the redness of eye. Since I still believed that it might just be caused of her colds, a doctor’s visit is no longer necessary. I just gave her usual antihistamine drops (Alnix). I was thinking of bringing her to the doctor when the symptom persisted even after the cold is gone. My plan changed when I saw the thin blood on her upper eyelid.

The mucus on his upper eyelashes was becoming hard so this morning, after I bathed her, with Hubby’s help, I cleaned it her left eye with cotton balls wet with lukewarm water. This is probably the reason why the blood came out. When I saw the blood, I immediately decided to visit the doctor. It might be a serious eye illness which needed an immediate medical attention and might become worst when not treated immediately.

When the doctor saw her, she uttered immediately that Daughter E has a sty (kuliti). She prescribed a Terramycin Eye Ointment which was by the way very small yet very expensive. We started applying it last night on her lower left eyelid. According to the doctor, it is harder to apply it on the upper part of the eye but will be scattered to the eye anyway.

I am praying that this sty will be gone very soon and will never come back. I am also praying for my daughters fast healing from colds. Will you pray with me for my daughters?


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