How To Quit Vices

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I am an advocate of clean – living. I just don’t abstain from vices which can harm my body but I also encourage other people to do the same. So I won’t recommend to anyone to buy gurkha cigars online. It is not just me. But I know so many people who despite the dangerous effects of alcohol and nicotine to the body still patronize these products. I pity their loves ones who will be burdened once they get sick.

If you are into any vice, let me share with you some handy ways to help you quit.

  • Make a decision to leave your vices not only for your own welfare but also for your love ones.
  • Surrender your vices to the Lord. Ask God to help you forsake your vices. Ask God to deliver you from these harmful chemicals. It will be a lot easier to quit the vices if it is surrendered to the Lord.
  • Start quitting  NOW. Not later nor tomorrow, but today.
  • Make yourself busy with productive activities to keep away your thoughts from your vices.
  • Once you started quitting, be determined not to go back anymore. Be firm to continue doing the right thing. Remember, you are not a dog who eats his own vomit.
  • Avoid people who will encourage you to return to your vices. If you cannot win them to do the same, leave them.
  • Be ready to say NO if someone encourage you to go back.
  • Be deaf to your mockers. It is not their life who will be in danger if you continue using harmful chemicals. It is your body. And they will not be the one who will shoulder the burden once you get sick, it is you and your family.
  • Rejoice and be happy that you have started living a clean-life.
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9 thoughts on “How To Quit Vices

  1. this is such a very nice post especially to those struggling to give up their vices. i never had any vices too in my life and i feel really blessed that my husband doesn’t have any, too. 🙂

  2. living clean is the way to a good life, healthy life and simple life.. it will eliminate a lot of bad negativity in our lives. thanks for sharing! people should read this post 🙂

  3. I love this post, Ms. Mylene. Before I became a Born Again Christian, I was a heavy smoker and drinker. I used to smoke a pack a day and drink almost everyday. Those were shameful college days hehe. But I didn’t have trouble giving them all up. I surrendered them to the Lord, and hey, he let me off hook easily. I’m also blessed that my boyfriend does not have any vice at all. 🙂

  4. i’m also into a clean living – don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, etc…mahirap may bisyo eh; my hubby’ is a heavy smoker but doesn’t drink alcohol, hay mahirap patigilin sa paninigarilyo

  5. Vices are really hard to quit. Smoking and drinking alcohol are just two of the hardest vices to overcome. My father died because of cigarette smoking. So i am super against it. I am lucky my husband is not smoking so I am praying my son won’t smoke too.

  6. Nice list. I believe that you need to start it now and not tomorrow. I know God will help if you decided to quit.

  7. You are really a very pro-active person… not only accepting not to do the vices, but also spreading the word! I salute you!!!

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