Two Hundred Squat Challenge

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I can still feel the muscle pain on my legs until now. I don’t know what came into my mind yesterday that I did the initial test for the two-hundred squat challenge. I even searched YouTube for the proper squat execution before I started the initial test. But I didn’t regret that I tried the test. The muscle pain only proves that something good happened. Never mind the result, I’ll just keep it myself :D.

I learned this two-hundred squat challenge from Aileen of  iHeart Good Health. Though I am not a serious health buff, I followed the link and read the articles posted on the site. The one who wrote the posts has the persuading power to make me try the initial test. I am still contemplating if I will accept the challenge but who knows, I might just wake one morning doing the squat training program. Anyway this exercise does not need any investment nor any tool not even a dfyoga for rubber yoga mats  in order to execute it and it can be done anywhere which are  the two of  the advantages of this exercise over the other.

I will let you know if I finally accepted the challenge 😀

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9 thoughts on “Two Hundred Squat Challenge

  1. Yay! I also added the 200 squats challenge to mu list of goals. But I forgot to ask my therapist if it is safe for my back or will aggravate my herniated discs. So I haven’t started yet 🙁 Looking forward to your updates though!

  2. All the best. I too need an exercise. I have friend who is a gym instructor and shared to me that planking exercise. Not that useless planking but try to google it. It is so easy but only needs time to make burn some of your fats. I still to start doing it though. 🙂

  3. Alright! That’s a good start sis..don’t worry, if you’re doing the squat properly, then it’s the good pain you’re experiencing 🙂 Way to go! Even my two office mates are into it now lol! I didn’t know I had to power of persuasion…or maybe it’s simply because you people realized that exercise is important, like I also did. Cheers! 🙂

    My arms are aching a bit right now…I also started with the dips…

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