$10 Giveaway

After millions years, this humble site of mine has reached 100 Facebook likers. Isn’t that calls for a celebration? So let us celebrate and have a chance to be a $10-richer by the end of this month. I’ll be giving away $10 PayPal fund to the lucky Facebook liker of my site. If you have liked my Facebook page, you…

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Facebook – A Bridge To Connect With My Friends

Who don’t know Facebook or Fb? I don’t see any hand raising. Who do not have a Facebook account? Some hands are raising. Facebook is so popular (especially here in the Philippines) that even students in primary grade know it. I started using Facebook in 2009, though I have received prior invitations to join this social media application, I intentionally ignore…

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All About Work

Joined the Google+ Circle

It was Yami of Pen, Paper & Pan who first sent an invitation to me to join her Google+ circle for weeks now. But it was only yesterday that I finally joined this new social community. Actually, I have no plan to join more social network aside from Facebook. But since the stakeholder of my current project wants to integrate…

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In Between

Like any other workers, I also feel tired. I also experience mental block at times and sometimes I will all of a sudden have the urge to stop from whatever I’m currently doing.  Whenever I feel any of the things I mentioned, I rest my mind for a while and Facebook becomes handy to entertain me. I will open my…

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