Facebook – A Bridge To Connect With My Friends

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Who don’t know Facebook or Fb? I don’t see any hand raising. Who do not have a Facebook account? Some hands are raising. Facebook is so popular (especially here in the Philippines) that even students in primary grade know it.

I started using Facebook in 2009, though I have received prior invitations to join this social media application, I intentionally ignore them. I was contented with Friendster that time. I was even determined to stick with Friendster and to abstain from any other social media networks. Maybe you are thinking why I am now one of the billion users of Facebook?  The answer is because I learned that my dearest friend who migrated to Australia was communicating to a common friend via Facebook.  I was hoping then that we could communicate more often if I also have a Facebook account.

Since then I enjoyed using Facebook. I have added friends and accepted friend requests. I have joined different groups from church groups to school groups. I have liked hundreds of Facebook pages, some of which were my real interests, a bigger part were from friends and fellow bloggers requests and the remaining biggest part were contests requirement in which I rarely won. I have liked enumerable inspiring quotes, Biblical passages, photos, videos and status updates. There were times that I was hooked with Facebook games like Typing Maniac, The Sims Social, Text Twist, Restaurant City, Brain Buddies and many others.  But the most important function of Facebook to me is that I get connected with my friends especially those whose physical proximity are miles away.

Through Facebook, I get updated with my friends’ well-being. I can share their emotions, whether they are happy, lonely, angry or stressed through their status. I can be their shocked-absorber when they are mad.  I can see the places they visited the photos they post. I have reminisced so many past events through the old photos which some of them have diligently scanned and posted to Facebook. I can’t help myself to go back to the times when my college friends and I were excitedly doing our circuits in protoboard in our PHYCOM subject. That was also the first time I saw a protoboard and other electronic things like   resistors, capacitors, toggle switches and the like. I can send them my regards and greetings through Facebook messages. Recently, I can also confer to them via the video call. In other words, I can easily connect to my friends through Facebook. And this is the best reason why I enjoy Facebooking 🙂

Do you also enjoy Facebook? Why?




4 thoughts on “Facebook – A Bridge To Connect With My Friends

  1. FACEBOOK – a bridge to connect friends and enemies-alike. 😀

    Yeah, it helped us in many things, interconnecting with people all around and seeing familiar faces virtually.

  2. I agree that facebook can really help you find your friends. Lately, I got a chance to connect to one of my friend in my elementary days thru this social media.
    -visit from BCB

  3. Absolutely right! I get to communicate with long-lost friends way down from my memory lane (yeah, even preschool classmates, haha) through Facebook. FB’s private groups are also helpful in relaying information regarding alumni homecomings, bad/good news, and misc stuff. But of course, the OL games are just too enjoyable to resist! 😉

  4. i have to agree. facebook when used in the right way is helpful. like contacting friends you dont know where are now, and you couldnt contact via phone.
    and its good to have an online reunion! 😛

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