What Used To Be

When I was young, there are not much gadgets available. The only handheld electronic games that I knew that time was Game & Watch. For video games, it was Atari and Family Computer. Now, there are lots of electronic gadgets that I can’t keep track what’s new and what going to be phased out. There are new models or new…

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All About Work

Headset Is Broken

My daughter broke my headset. She kept on pulling the mic the last time she used it to watch Dora on my desktop until it was torn. This is the headset I used whenever someone wants to do a Skype call with me. I haven’t bought a replacement. So when the Operations Manager called me via Skype, I plugged-in my…

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A Promised Toy

I promised myself that I would buy my daughter nintendo ds when she can already play it. I want to use this gadget as a tool for her learning. A former officemate shared with me that he allowed his son to play educational games using this toy and he is satisfied with the result. I made that promise when I…

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I Survived Without A Mobile Phone

For more than two weeks now, I’m living without a cell phone and I survived. When I arrived in Kidapawan with hubby and daughter, my cp’s battery was already drained. I left the charger I was using here in Manila because mother was sharing with me. I was confident that I could borrow my SIL or BIL’s charger. Unfortunately, the…

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Daily Udates

Got My Free Printer From SmartBro

Yes! I just got the free printer from SmartBro last night. Ms. Cathy, the customer service rep who assisted me last time, called up yesterday afternoon to inform me that my printer is ready for pick-up. So we picked up the printer last night. This printer is free. Okay! Okay! In reality, it isn’t because I have to sign a…

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