I Survived Without A Mobile Phone

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For more than two weeks now, I’m living without a cell phone and I survived. When I arrived in Kidapawan with hubby and daughter, my cp’s battery was already drained. I left the charger I was using here in Manila because mother was sharing with me. I was confident that I could borrow my SIL or BIL’s charger. Unfortunately, the charger they were using was not compatible with my season 1 dual-sim china phone. So for the entire period of our stay in Mindanao, my cp was off. I could not insert my Globe sim into my husband’s phone because his phone is lock to Sun cellular. And though I have a Sun cellular sim, I didn’t bother to insert it to my husband’s phone because nobody contacts me using that number except my him.

Before we leave Kidapawan last Wednesday, Hubby and I agreed to leave my phone behind to my PIL. My PIL has no mobile phone so hubby could not contact them directly and immediately. Hubby can only talk his parents when my SIL is with them. Hubby instructed my SIL to buy my PIL a new Sun cellular sim and charger so he can call his parents anytime. In the end, I am the one who does not have a phone.

Although I have a plan to buy a replacement, I am not eyeing for an expensive one. A cheap one will serve its purpose. For the last weeks that I don’t have a cell phone, I’ realized that cell phone wasn’t still a necessity for me. I can still live without one. But if you are planning to give me an iphone I will be forced to accept it with open hands ^_^.

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  1. that’s what i always say to myself… for how many years in our lives we survived without any gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, ipods, digicams, etc. so in the modern times, we can still survive without them… congrats mommy! i wish i can survive that too… happy new year! by the way, when will you be in bohol?

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