Child Rearing

Falling Out Of Bed

My eldest daughter, Jyma Sciezka, turns five last May. Earlier this year, I have started convincing her to sleep on a different bed but still in the same room with us.  She can sleep in her bed alone for months now without any problem. I can see that she also enjoys it. She no longer insists to sleep beside me.…

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Need For Bigger Mattress

Hubby realized that our current mattress is no longer enough for the three of us {my daughter still co-sleep with us}. It will be a lot smaller when little bundle of joy comes out. Hubby suggested that we buy a bigger one or will buy a smaller one just for my daughter. We are actually convincing her to sleep on…

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A New Mattress

My husband and I with our daughter went to the downtown last week. Our purpose was to arrange my SSS and Philhealth. But since we were able to get a free ride, we decided to buy some our our needs. One of our priorities was to buy a new mattress. The mattress that we were using was a bit old…

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Sleep Partner

One of my favorite activities is to sleep, if I may call it an activity :D. This was the reason why I always dreamed of a soft and comfortable bed when I was still a little girl. I used to sleep on the floor with a plastic mat as my bed. This was also the reason why one of the…

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