Need For Bigger Mattress

  • Sumo

Hubby realized that our current mattress is no longer enough for the three of us {my daughter still co-sleep with us}. It will be a lot smaller when little bundle of joy comes out. Hubby suggested that we buy a bigger one or will buy a smaller one just for my daughter. We are actually convincing her to sleep on the other room and we will buy her own bed. But we could not persuade her. She’s suggesting that we just a buy a new bed for the baby, LOL! I think she could not let go yet being cuddled before she fall asleep.

Do you think a custom mattress could persuade her to sleep on her own?

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1 thought on “Need For Bigger Mattress

  1. Wow! A new bundle of joy for your family. Congrats! Ours will be coming this December. The whole family can’t wait for “him”.

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