Money Matters

Lessons Learned From A Failed Business

Starting a business is not easy much more making it a success. I realized this when my first business, PINOY WAFFLE franchise, failed. What an expensive way to learn a lesson, phew! And to avoid further losses, I just decided to stop the operation. But before I finally let go of that nightmare, I would want to make an account…

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All About Work

Looking For Pinoy Waffle Franchise Buyer

Now that I remember that I still have a franchise of Pinoy Waffle, I’ll start to look for a buyer. Like I said in my previous post, I will be selling it to a much cheaper price. If you have an access to a crowded locations like colleges, malls, grocery stores, terminals and the like, and you are interested to…

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Pinoy Waffle Franchise

All of a sudden, I remember that my Pinoy Waffle franchise should supposedly expire this year if its operation continued from the time I bought it five years ago. But since I discontinued the operation after four months, the franchise can still be operated for four years and eight months. The reason why I decided to stop the operation was…

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