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All of a sudden, I remember that my Pinoy Waffle franchise should supposedly expire this year if its operation continued from the time I bought it five years ago. But since I discontinued the operation after four months, the franchise can still be operated for four years and eight months. The reason why I decided to stop the operation was I could not find a location in which the waffle cart wound be blast. I couldn’t also get a help from the franchiser to find a good location. All the locations they gave me failed. I just kept on spending and spending without getting any return from my investments. Their claim that my investment on the franchise fee which was 220K could be earned at a maximum of six months never happened. The last time I contacted the franchiser, I need another 15K to get my cart and other equipments if I decided to continue its operation. According to them, they already upgraded the cart and the equipments so my cart should also be upgraded. They still have the guts to ask for more money while they knew that I didn’t earn a cent from my investments with them.

Why I suddenly remember this? Because I need other income to support my parents’ needs. I have to admit that buying a franchise was one of the biggest mistake I made. I should have just invested the money to jewelries. Now that I need the money, I can easily sell them again for a higher price. Probably, I can also find a buyer for my waffle cart. But I wouldn’t be able to sell it to a higher price. I have to sell it to a much lower price.

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4 thoughts on “Pinoy Waffle Franchise

  1. Shocks, you’re not the first person i heard who lost money from franchise. Not that getting into a franchise business is bad but if you can’t get a good location, it would really be hard. It happened to my friend too, when he and his wife bought a franchise from a popular doughnut company. Just pray that someone would buy your franchise and be able to earn from it for mutual benefit. Nice of you to think about your parents too. May God bless you.

  2. Wow, that’s a pretty sticky situation that you got yourself into. I feel for you because I know of many people that have the big dream of opening up their own business or franchise, yet it becomes exceedingly difficult in the long run unless you can get it up and running right away.

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