Bad Tummy Day

I‘ve been feeling a little off since yesterday. Yesterday, I felt nauseated and felt I would throw up anytime. While this morning, I started experiencing diarrhea or loose bowel movement (LBM). I’ve been in and out of that solitary place for around five times this morning and three more this afternoon (I hope the counting stops there). Still, my tummy…

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Baby Matters, Child Rearing, Parenting

Immunization Day

My daughter won’t surely love it when she learns that we are about to visit her pedia for her scheduled immunization. The last time we visited her pedia for checkup, she was crying hysterically because she thought she would have an injection. But she was still poked with a needle because a blood sample was extracted from her to test.…

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Life Style

Product Reviews Are Important

When I went to a nearby drugstore last Friday to buy my daughter her milk, I noticed that there were several new products for anti-aging and wrinkle creams coming out in the market. Almost all beauty product companies have their own wrinkle cream. I was tempted to buy one in discounted price but I changed my mind because that is…

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Sleeping Time

Since my daughter started going to school, her sleeping habit changed. Before, she usually wakes up at eight in the morning the earliest, take an afternoon nap for three to four hours, then sleeps in the night at eleven the earliest. She’s a night little person. Sometimes, she’s still awake at 1 AM doing her works. Because of her sleeping…

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11th Year and Counting

This month marks my eleventh year in the IT industry. I started working as a junior developer in a small software company in July 1999. I graduated May  of that same year. I only had  almost two-month rest from the stressful college life when I started facing a more stressful and pressured milestone of my life, and that was being…

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