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Immunization Day

  • Sumo

My daughter won’t surely love it when she learns that we are about to visit her pedia for her scheduled immunization. The last time we visited her pedia for checkup, she was crying hysterically because she thought she would have an injection. But she was still poked with a needle because a blood sample was extracted from her to test. For her, the clinic is a NO NO place. And because her memory is good, we can’t bring her inside the clinic without any struggle. No bluffs and persuasion can conquer her fear. After this, there is still one remaining injection that she needs to bear. My mind is already occupied of alternatives and ways how to deal with her later. Hence, I could no longer concentrate on the apidexin reviews I’m reading. I will just set aside my reading first and start preparing for our pedia visit.

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2 thoughts on “Immunization Day

  1. My son is not afraid of his pedia anymore like when he was so much younger, but he goes berserk when he needs to receive his shots. He simply doesn’t like getting injected. I’ve put up my Networked Blogs, too. Thanks!

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