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Rainy Season Has Started

  • Sumo

Almost everyday rains and so inside our rented-apartment. This has been a recurring problem since we transferred here more than two years ago. Oh yes, we are renting the same place for more than two years now, how time flies. In fairness to the owner, he has been trying to solve the problem. Unfortunately, the problem keeps coming back because the roots of the trees on the house top are probably deep-seating into the cement which causes the cement to crack up. The rain water sinks into these cracks to the house ceiling. Oh I love the trees, the veggies and plants on the roof deck and I don’t blame them if they rooted so deeply to the point of destructing the cement. It is not their problem.  I think the problem lies on the way the roof deck was constructed.

any times, we tried to look for a new place. But we can’t find one that is also near to our church yet the rental is not too expensive. In time like this, I dream we were in US where we can search for decent apartments which suit our budget online. Continue on dreaming, I wish we  live in one of the apartments in North Carolina which I browsed from  nc-apartments.com.  The apartments in Durham NC featured on the said site are  too good too be true, that if I live there, I probably don’t want to leave the house anymore. Who would want to be away if the house looks like the images below? Isn’t a great place to live in?


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  1. Hello Mylene, can i ask a favor? i have a problem with my new blog here, i posted one and was published pero di ko makita sa blog, bakit? May na click ba ako somewhere? Di ko alam…I checked sa posts, nandoon naman pero di makita sa blog

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