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Product Reviews Are Important

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When I went to a nearby drugstore last Friday to buy my daughter her milk, I noticed that there were several new products for anti-aging and wrinkle creams coming out in the market. Almost all beauty product companies have their own wrinkle cream. I was tempted to buy one in discounted price but I changed my mind because that is impulse buying.

For me, it is important that to know first the details of the product before buying it. I diligently do research and gather feedback from other users. I usually also check the net if the product has a review conducted by independent entity like the prototype 37-c reviews to make sure that the product has minimal, if not totally no side-effects. I don’t want to buy a product just because it is on sale, especially, something that will be applied on skin and much more on the face. I don’t consider myself pretty (in human perspective, but I’m definitely gorgeous in the sight of my Maker) and I don’t want to over emphasize it by adding more damages on my face. Hence, I am very careful when it comes to using beauty products of all sorts (my scapegoat for being lazy), LOL.

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  1. yes that’s true, sometimes I find it hard to choose which one is the best… Have a blessed Day!

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