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Cheapest Means Of Transporation

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We live 18 kilometers away from Tagbilaran city, the capital city of Bohol. This is the distance we need to travel whenever we need to do our grocery. And most of the time, we only use a motorbike to visit the city because we find it the most thrifty means of going there. We only need to spend around 60 pesos for the fuel unlike if we use the church’s Adventure which would cost us at least 300 pesos for the fuel.

Riding on a motorbike going to the downtown might be the cheapest means but not the safest and most convenient way. So we never visit the downtown, we already attend to all the errands that we must do; my monthly pre-natal checkup, Jyma’s immunization, payment for SSS contribution and grocery. The whole afternoon is not enough to do all the tasks sometimes.

You might be wondering how we carry the grocery items. Well, hubby and I always have a big backpack where we place the items we bought. He carries his backpack leaning on his chest while I carry mine on my back. Daughter is in the middle of us. As I said, it is not the most convenient way. Worst, if daughter could not hold her sleepiness because of the wind which seems swaying her.

If there is something that I am really thankful is the condition of the road. The road is not rough and bumpy so the travel is really smooth. At least we don’t need a special motorbike like an all-terrain vehicle for our downtown trips. Hence, I don’t need to worry of ATV Accessories for now.

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