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Finally, God enabled us to have our own service vehicle. It is not yet a four-wheel (probably in the future when God sees the need and provided it) but a two-wheel vehicle, my husband’s dream motorbike, a Suzuki Raider R150.

After seriously contemplating it, Husband decided to go for Suzuki Raider  R150 than other less-expensive motorbikes. He preferred the engine of this motorbike than the other motorbikes.  This is the reason why despite of its price (which emptied our pockets, LOL!) he still opt for it.  But like what I said in my other blog, once hubby buy this motorbike nothing will be left with us. This also means that no one in the family should get sick and no unexpected expense should come.

I really hope this vehicle will not get easily give up like the electronic gadgets/appliances that we bought before because this is where all my hard-earned money from blogging for two years is spent.  The next time I’ll be able to save some money, it will be my time to spend it for my own pleasure and I can’t wait for that time to come 😀

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3 thoughts on “Service Vehicle

  1. that’s great mommy! good job! atleast diba nakikita nyo po kung san napunta yung pinatrabahuhan ninyo? sana ako rin makabili kahit bike lang! 🙂

    1. Thanks Pia! Yun na nga rin lang ang iniisip ko, may napuntahan ung mga pagpupuyat ko 😀

      Pero come to think of it, it was really God who allowed us to have the motorbike. He is the source of everything 🙂

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