Food Trip Friday – Banana Fries With Latik

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I attended a Mission Conference last week for three nights. In one of the nights, a church member approached me and my companions after the Worship Service and offered a snack. She gave us a plate of fried banana strips with latik. That was the first time I tasted a liquid form of latik. The latik I know in Manila is the toppings usually sprinkled on biko and other rice cakes. When I tasted it, it was super delicious

I craved for it last Sunday so I ask our helper to buy a kilo of Banana (Saba) and grated coconut. Hubby told me that latik is just a mixture of coconut milk and brown sugar cooked until it becomes sticky. So I tried it but the result was different from the latik that the lady gave us. Nonetheless, it still tastes good.


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7 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday – Banana Fries With Latik

  1. Wow! Love to try this one.. i haven’t try latik with any foods except “kalamay”.. but based on what you’ve said it taste good.. so its worth the try. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. From the photo in FTF I thought it’s manggang hilaw with bagoong. Hindi pala 🙂 Haven’t heard of this one but it sounds delish!

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