Word Filled Wednesday – Philippians 4:19

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Another promise that I hold onto firmly. Life is full of bumps and downs recently. Just this morning, my husband and I brought our daughter to her pediatrician and had her blood and urine tested because of her on and off fever. Praise God because the result turned out to be clear. Today, she had no fever. But her checkup was another unexpected expense.

There were days, when I remember that my need for money is even higher than me, my tears will just fall voluntarily. I am lost where will I get the money to buy my father’s medicines, to provide for my parents’ daily needs, to pay our monthly bills, my daughter’s needs and our own household needs. I no longer compute my expenses against my income because I know that my monthly paycheck will not meet the ends. Should I complain? No. Because Jesus suffering was more than what I have right now on my plate. He sweat with blood because of agony. My sufferings or anyone else’s sufferings could not be compared with Jesus sufferings. Yet He didn’t utter a single complain. He became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

I firmly believe that God will supply my needs. Because He promised it. It will surely happen. If He needs to drop the check from heaven directly just to send the money on time, I am sure He will do it.

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