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Homeschooling Preparations

Remember that in one of the 30 Things About Me, I mentioned that I was contemplating to transfer my five-year old daughter to homeschooling. Dear Husband and I have been discussing and praying about this matter for months now. Our desire to protect our daughter’s welfare and spirit and the circumstances we faced for the previous months led us to…

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Graduation Photos

My daughter graduated from Learning To Read curriculum last March 29, 2012. Probably because my daughter’s school is relatively new and there were only three graduating students, the school didn’t have a photo shoot for the graduating students. So before heading to the graduation venue, we had our photo shoot at home for souvenir 😀 Here are some of her…

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Prospective School For Sciezka

I’m happy to know that there is a Christian school here where I can enroll my daughter this coming school year. It is an additional blessing that the school uses the School of Tomorrow system of education. School of Tomorrow system of education incorporates the Bible in their curriculum and this is the kind of education I want for my…

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