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Headset Is Broken

My daughter broke my headset. She kept on pulling the mic the last time she used it to watch Dora on my desktop until it was torn. This is the headset I used whenever someone wants to do a Skype call with me. I haven’t bought a replacement. So when the Operations Manager called me via Skype, I plugged-in my…

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Wishful Gift

Since early childhood days, I have always been a basketball fan, and as I grow older, watching the games on television is not enough, of course, I doubt if there is a basketball fan who wouldn’t want to watch it live. But life of being a basketball fan has never been easy for me, I do have very strict parents…

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Blanketless Sleeper

I don’t know what’s with a blanket but as soon as I put it on my daughter, she immediately kicks it away. She never sleeps with a blanket. How cold it may be for me and my husband, for her, it is still warm. And though the a/c is already on, ( but the temperature is not that low) she…

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