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Since early childhood days, I have always been a basketball fan, and as I grow older, watching the games on television is not enough, of course, I doubt if there is a basketball fan who wouldn’t want to watch it live. But life of being a basketball fan has never been easy for me, I do have very strict parents and they wouldn’t allow me to watch a game without someone who can accompany me. Some of my friends, cousins and even my brother graciously accompanied me the past years, but things change. They are all now busy with their work, studies and personal lives, and that kept me alone, and forced to watch at home. Two weeks ago, my brother told me to save my earnings for me to be able to buy a Samsung HDTV. He said that having such television at home will give me the feeling of experiencing the game live while obeying my parents. I must really save! Or… someone out there might be generous enough to give me some. Thank you in advance.

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