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Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas

  • Sumo

Few days left before Christmas, and when the most special season is approaching, people started planning and making their shopping list. And usually, shopping lists are divided into three categories – First, the gifts that we have to buy for the people we care about. I have learned the dos and don’ts in buying gifts, thus buying gifts has never been hard for me. Second – the food that we will serve and share on Christmas Eve, and since I’m still leaving with my parents, this has never been a major concern for me. And third item on the list are the Christmas decorations that we will use to express how joyful the season is. Yes, when you look at our happy home, for sure you will see the basics – lantern, Christmas tree and Christmas stockings, but ever since childhood, I have always dreamt of having a house covered with C9 led christmas lights. It may not happen this time for me, but for sure, in the future, in my own house, I will fulfill this dream 🙂

To my friends out there, I will look forward on the gifts that I will receive, the food that you will share and the invitation on your joyful home. Merry Christmas!!!!

*This is written by a Guest Blogger.

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