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Personalized Gift

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I was supposed to post a blog last night, but went home later than I expected because I had dinner with friends whom I didn’t see in months. One of them just went home for a vacation and will be leaving this Wednesday. We had are usual chit chats, discussions and plans. Isn’t it great to discuss about your wonderful past, colourful present and exciting future with your close friends? Too bad, we have limited time and we have to cut our bonding short. Good thing, I didn’t forget to give the personalized mug which is supposed to be my Christmas gift for her. Just an input – for me, one great thing about giving personalized items, is that it can be a way of saying that you are special, because in seasons like Christmas, sometimes, people tend to buy as many items as they can and then give it to anyone they feel like giving it. With personalized items such as personalized coffee mugs, you already know to whom you will buy gifts for. I was quite happy because she told me that she’ll be bringing with her the personalized shirts I gave years ago. I myself, has kept several personalized gifts from friends 🙂

Good dinner, great chat with close friends and appreciation of gifts is a perfect ingredient for me to say that somehow, I was able to release some stress to have a refreshed me for tomorrow’s tons of activities.

Disclaimer: Busy week ahead 🙂 see you guys soon 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Personalized Gift

  1. Hope when I grow up my friendship with my friends will also be like yours.

    Miss my friends! It has been more than a since we have seen each other ‘coz we’re busy with our studies.

  2. i can relate to that. my childhood friends and high school classmates have this traditional reunion. maybe we just can’t let go of each other yet, lol!

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