Hubby’s Birthday Gift

Hubby marked his 28th birthday yesterday. And instead of a motorbike, daughter and I bought him two pairs of footwear as our gift. Though at first, my husband was able to convince my daughter to give him his dreamed motorbike, I was able to persuade my daughter that it is too expensive and we don’t have the budget at the…

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Bits & Pieces

Sharis Berries Discount

Are you craving for Sharis Berries and wishing to avail some Sharis Berries discounts? Then, your wish is granted! You may want to visit the discount page of Sharis Berries to claim some discount coupons and start indulging to your favorite Sharis Berries delight! You may also want to use the discount coupons to buy your mom or special friends…

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Guest Blogger Post

Personalized Gift

I was supposed to post a blog last night, but went home later than I expected because I had dinner with friends whom I didn’t see in months. One of them just went home for a vacation and will be leaving this Wednesday. We had are usual chit chats, discussions and plans. Isn’t it great to discuss about your wonderful…

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Christian Life, Womanhood

What Is The Most Precious You Received

I am almost sure that one time or another you have received a gift from someone. Among the gifts you received, which one you like or treasure most? Was it a new wardrobe, shoes, jewelry, laptop, cell phone, psp or home appliance? What makes this gift special? Is this an answer to your long-time prayer? An added convenience? Or simple…

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