What Are The Gifts You Wish Not To Receive This Holiday Season

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Admit it or not, kids are not the only ones who are excited to receive gifts but also adults like us. But do you know that not all gifts bring joy? Yes, I agree that it is the thought that counts and not the actual material thing we receive, but there are gifts that we wish we just don’t received at all. Not that we are being ungrateful and choosy but sometimes we have too much of the item we receive that we don’t know if we can consume them until we draw our last breath 😀 There are also gifts that obviously given without thinking. For instance, if someone close to me gives me a box of cigars, I will definitely get disappointed because it means that he/she does not really know me and does not know that I actually hate it. In this case, isn’t better not to receive anything?

In giving, it is really the thought that counts and not the price value so let us give some thoughts on the gifts we are about to give. The rule of the thumb is don’t give gifts that you yourself don’t want to receive 😉

Is there any gift that you wish not to receive? Why?

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3 thoughts on “What Are The Gifts You Wish Not To Receive This Holiday Season

  1. Hi My, I prefer mine cash.. hahaha… korek ka diyan… but it’s been a while I had not received a wrapped gift ..kasi nga I always demand for cash.. mukhang pera..hahaha..

    thanks sis for dropping by…

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