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Kidapawan Plaza

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Our first destination was the city proper’s plaza. But because daughter did not take a nap, she fell asleep on our way there. We just carried her while we walked around and took photos. We took turn in carrying her because she’s heavy.
The place is not that big and nothing much to see except for their fountain. Because it’s Christmas season, there was an on going fair beside the plaza. So we proceeded there.  Hubby had fun playing with one of the games.
We didn’t stay long because daughter was getting heavy and there was not much activity to do.

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15 thoughts on “Kidapawan Plaza

  1. Just a short question: would you know Ramon Rabago or Rachel Rabago, descendants of Eufrocina J. Cabactulan and Loreto Rabago? This is a long-shot search but worth a try!


    1. Hi Grace,
      Yes, I know them. They are my in-laws. Ramon Rabago is my father-in-law and Rachel Rabago is my sister-in-law 🙂

  2. It’s a pity that that your daughter ended up asleep as you walked through the place. Indeed Kidapawan is small. But there are few things you can do there—the activities though are mostly day activities and mostly for bigger folks. But at least you enjoyed your time?

  3. too bad that your daughter wasn’t able to enjoy the lighted christmas decorations. Nonetheless, it looks like fun going around the plaza. happy RT!

  4. They do get heavy when they fall asleep. Still, you had a nice, family time.

    I wish you a Happy Blue Monday and a Happy 2011, Mylene.

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