Wish List

I noticed that as Christmas season approaches, more and more people are getting bold in giving their wish list. I am joining the crowd but not for Christmas. As I said before, I do not encourage my friends to give me gifts during this season as Christmas is not about me but about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So…

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Christmas Season Is Here

When I went to the office last Wednesday, I noticed that most malls and establishments have already put up their glimmering ornaments and lights. It is also getting colder at night. These attractive adornments and the cold weather remind us that Christmas season is almost here. Christmas decorations and tons of possible gifts are calling the attention of shoppers as…

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas is almost here. Many of us who are already accustomed in giving Christmas gifts has probably started buying and preparing their gifts. But I am still firm with my stand about giving gifts during Christmas season. I still discourage my friends to give me gifts on this occasion and I don’t also encourage my daughter’s Ninangs (second mothers)  and…

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Guest Blogger Post

Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas

Few days left before Christmas, and when the most special season is approaching, people started planning and making their shopping list. And usually, shopping lists are divided into three categories – First, the gifts that we have to buy for the people we care about. I have learned the dos and don’ts in buying gifts, thus buying gifts has never…

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Biblical Teachings, Religion

Post-Christmas Post

Two more days and the world will be celebrating Christmas.Two days ago, the world celebrated Christmas. I remembered that when this season comes, we usually review the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ (Did I not mention that I grew up in Sunday School?) in our Sunday School classes. And when I became a Sunday School teacher too, I taught…

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