Christmas Season Is Here

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When I went to the office last Wednesday, I noticed that most malls and establishments have already put up their glimmering ornaments and lights. It is also getting colder at night. These attractive adornments and the cold weather remind us that Christmas season is almost here.

Christmas decorations and tons of possible gifts are calling the attention of shoppers as early as September.  Apparels and footwear suitable for this season are equally catchy. But don’t expect winter clothes to be the center of attraction here in Philippines. Because though Philippines have colder season during December until the early months of the succeeding year, the drop in the temperature is not enough for us Filipinos to wear puffy coats, hat and earmuffs, thermal underclothes and winter boots. If someone is in MSR Snowshoes, that person might just be attending a costume party or simply want to call an attention because it doesn’t snow in our country even in the coldest places like Baguio.

Have you started your shopping yet? What is your priority in your shopping list, gifts for love ones or something for yourself?

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Season Is Here

    1. We don’t actually celebrate mommy Sarah. It is just a tradition and there is no biblical basis. I know that you knew that Lord Jesus Christ was not born on that date, and it was not written in the Bible because the date was immaterial. The purpose why Christ was born should be the one to be emphasized and given much importance, and that is to save sinners like us 🙂

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