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Are You Pregnant?

  • Sumo

I am asked of that question frequently. Before, I still got offended and embarrassed but because I heard it too often, I already get used to it. Now, I can handle it more gracefully. I just smile or laugh and tell the inquirer I’m not. A fellow mom even  commented that my tummy looked like I was three months pregnant. Ouch! But it’s just fats and not a baby.

With the kind of job I have in which I just sit in front of my computer most of the time, it is really a challenge to get rid of stomach fat. I know that if I want to go back to my old shape, I need to get out of my way and sweat more. My problem is I just couldn’t find the time. Probably the hyperactivity of my daughter is not enough to cause me to slim down even a bit. Does this mean that my daughter is still behave? I want to convince myself that she is but another part of my mind is rebelling! I guess I’m just too big now that even a super active daughter can’t do the magic of trimming some bulges.

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