Third Order From ArtsCow

  • Sumo

I got my third order from ArtsCow. It is composed of 50 pieces 5×7 and 100 pieces 4×6. This time, I’m very satisfied with the print outs. Probably, the problem with my first order was in the resolution of the photos. I was also glad with the result of my second order which was composed of four rubber coasters. For both orders, I only spent for the shipping which cost me around $5 for the rubber coasters and $10 for the print-outs.

I still have 250 5×7 and 500 4×6 more free print-outs which I can claim every month :). I am now uploading the photos for my next order. I can’t wait till I consume all my free print-outs.

If you haven’t tried ArtsCow yet, register now and try their free products. You may be the next fanatic of ArtsCow 🙂

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