Math – My Favorite Subject

  • Sumo

When I was in high school, I enjoyed Math subjects, from Algebra to Calculus. I loved solving math problems even though I consumed so many scratch papers before I derived to a final solution. I considered these math problems as mind exercise. Added to my love for numbers, I have excellent teachers who never failed to inspire me to do well in their classes. So I thought I should get a math-related course in college.

When the time came that I needed to submit my application for college entrance exam to a known and prestigious state university, my first and second choice courses on my first choice campus were both math related – Accountancy and BS. Math – but I was more determined to pursue a degree in Accountancy. God enabled me to pass the entrance exam but didn’t permit me to study on the said university. My God has a different plan for me, the best one actually. Though His plan was different from mine, He didn’t take away from me the honor of passing the exam. He knew that passing that “entrance exam” would complete my being as a “Xientian”. He gave me that honor but He knew that studying in that school would make my life astray. He maneuvered everything so that I pursued a different degree in an unknown institution. So now, instead of a finance job, I am in a totally different industry, the IT industry.

I don’t have even a little bitterness that God maneuvered my life. Instead, I am very thankful unto Him that He didn’t allow my will to be done instead His will prevailed because if He gave in to my will, I wouldn’t have enjoying the privilege to work from home now.

How about you? What is your favorite subject and what is your dream career?

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