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Pestilence and Diseases Shall Increase

One of the signs that Christ is coming back so soon is that pestilence and diseases shall increase. If you notice in the last few decades, many fatal epidemic diseases have killed millions of people as viruses mutate into stronger varieties that are more resistant to treatment. And if you will recall, only late last year, we had an AH1N1…

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Daughter Learns To Pray

Last night, while I was preparing the dirty clothes to be washed today, I heard my daughter asked her dad for a banana. The next thing I heard was Sciezka uttered “Yord (her version of Lord), thank you por nanas. In (J)esus name, Amen!”. Her action brought joy to me and to husband. She’s learning and learning good things. It…

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Post-Christmas Post

Two more days and the world will be celebrating Christmas.Two days ago, the world celebrated Christmas. I remembered that when this season comes, we usually review the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ (Did I not mention that I grew up in Sunday School?) in our Sunday School classes. And when I became a Sunday School teacher too, I taught…

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God’s Promise Concerning Flood

My husband and I were two of those who prayed that Typhoon Pepeng would not add more damages to our devastated kababayans (fellow country men) last weekend. We also prayed for brethren who might be in the the area where Typhoon Pepeng will most likely hit. And I am quite sure that we are not alone. Many other did the…

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