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Daughter Learns To Pray

  • Sumo

Last night, while I was preparing the dirty clothes to be washed today, I heard my daughter asked her dad for a banana. The next thing I heard was Sciezka uttered “Yord (her version of Lord), thank you por nanas. In (J)esus name, Amen!”. Her action brought joy to me and to husband. She’s learning and learning good things.

It didn’t happen overnight. We always say a prayer of thanks before she drinks her milk since she was a baby. We also pray in her behalf whenever she eats her meal. And when she started imitating words, we started to guide her how to pray. She started with “Yord, thank you por mik (milk). In (J)esus nem, Amen!” She says the same prayer even if she’s about to eat her meal. For me that’s fine for a start. Then she starts saying “Yord, thank you por food – still general but at least she’s improving. Before she utter her prayer, she always needs to be reminded. There were also time that she just didn’t want to pray. I would gently remind her that we always need to thank God for the things that He is giving us. Last night was the first time she said her prayer on her own initiative. I earnestly hope that she will continue to thank God for everything that she will receive, whether small or great, good or not-so good because the Bible says, “In every thing give thanks” (I Thessalonians 5:18).

2 thoughts on “Daughter Learns To Pray

  1. its good to know your daughter knows how to pray already sis… my 2 years old daughter also knows how to do it.

  2. Bata pa si Ska pero she have a prayerful heart na. that’s nice to hear for someone so young and innocent. 🙂

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